Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Beautiful Day Outside

Irish Celebration

We had a yummy beef stew for our Irish Celebration.

Day 19-Sticky Art

For St. Patrick's Day Kip made a beautiful Shamrock picture, by sticking green tissue paper to a gluey sheet of paper.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cultural Celebrations

My family has decided to do a cultural celebration each month. For February we were a little late, so we did it today. We decided to do India. We had Phirni, an Indian Rice Pudding, and Chai Tea. I also decorated. For March we are doing Ireland for obvious reasons, and because Noland (our surname) is Irish. Stay Tuned!

My Garden Begins

I am starting with Rosemary and Mint seeds, as they need to start 10 weeks early. Later I will add my tomatoes and peppers. I was so proud that I picked out and hung this light all on my own!

Finished Room

Kip's room is finally done!

Day 18- Play with Junk

I gave Kip an empty water jug and a wooden spoon. He had fun beating it like a drum. This was a really good distraction for him while I was trying to cook dinner yesterday.